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Creating your listing is simple.

Here is a brief step by step outline:

1) Select a subscription
2) Add your first listing
3) Complete and publish

That’s it!

Video Tutorial

Find out how to create your listing.

3 Tips for a quality listing

1) Get a decent picture
For the love of Pete, please get a good profile pics! The very first thing visitors look at is the person. No other way to say it really, it’s just SO very important. Using a blurry webcam pic of yourself may be convenient, but it comes at a high price: potential customers may feel you’re just not professional enough for them.

2) Get a decent header image
The OMNI Finder header image is such a cool way to present yourself. Make the most out of it. Use this large space to give your profile a personal touch. Make sure you use a horizontal format. The ideal size is 1600px wide and 500px tall. Tall pictures just will not work very well. Really.

Please note: No matter whether profile pic or header image, the file should have less than 1 MB, optimal are approx. 350 KB. If your file is larger, you can easily compress it online without any visible quality loss, for example at With compressed photos, your listing will load much faster!

3) Make it about THEM, not you.
The truth is that not very many people care when and where you were born, went to school or that you got to pet a baby moose. Your potential clients have real issues. They want solutions. Catch their attention, wake their interest and convince them, that you are the one that can help them solve it.

Take some time, get yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine, sit down and put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Write down their worries, fears, thoughts and feelings. What keeps them awake at night? What goes on in their head when they look at themselves in the mirror?

Address them. Talk to them like you were having a normal conversation. Don’t put them to sleep them with your CV. They want your help, not hire you.