Frequently Asked Questions / Support Area

1. General questions about your listing

I have registered, but cannot find myself when I search in the OMNI Finder?
Registration is always the first step. The second step is to create your listing. How this works, including valuable tips and a video tutorial, can be found in the How it works section.

If I search by location, I don’t find myself, but if I enter my name, my listing appears. Why does this happen?
In this case, please check whether the pin on the map was set correctly for your address in your listing (see instruction video from minute 2:41). Please also note that your own practice name such as Hypnotherapy Max Muster can only be found on the map if you have a Google Business entry for your practice.

What if I have several locations?
You need a PLUS listing for this option. You can then simply create your own listing for each location. You can find all PLUS advantages here.

I speak a language that I cannot select in my listing. Where can I add it?
Use the normal description text field and enter there, in which languages you can treat. You can also be found in this way.

I have moved or my offer has changed. Where do I edit my listing?
Go to My OMNI Finder Listing. Under your name click on Edit and then you can enter all new information. Then just save it, send it and you’re done.

I have a BASIC entry. How can I switch to PLUS?
First go to My OMNI Finder Listing. There you have the possibility to register for a PLUS account. Click on Register now and it will take you directly to the checkout where you can pay the annual fee by credit card. As soon as the payment process is completed, you can create your PLUS listings. Afterwards you only have to delete the BASIC listing.

2. Questions about using the search function

When I look for my practice location, therapists who are much further away from my location appear first. Why is that?
That’s because PLUS members are always preferred in the search, because they invest USD 79 a year in their listing. Depending on where your practice is located and how many PLUS members there are in your area, it can be a significant advantage for you to also sign up for a PLUS membership. You can book PLUS in the menu My OMNI Finder Listing.

I find the standard search radius of 50 km too large. Can’t you make it smaller?
Unfortunately not. Please keep in mind that the OMNI Finder covers international needs and countries like USA, Canada or Brazil have completely different dimensions. There, 50 km is almost nothing, but if you live in Switzerland, 50 km is a lot. That’s why we had to choose a middle course. AND: the radius can still be adjusted manually to get the ideal results.

In the search, I choose the filter function according to special fields, but only a few or no listings appear. What is the reason for this?
This is also another advantage for PLUS members; only they can choose special fields for their listing. You can find all PLUS advantages here.

3. Problems when saving

My billing address cannot be changed subsequently. What should I do?
This happens from time to time, especially with profiles imported by the old OMNI Finder in 2016. If you have BASIC and now decide to book PLUS, you will have to re-enter your billing address anyway. If you have the BASIC listing, you won’t get an invoice anyway, because the BASIC listing is free. Important for you to know: In terms of the system, the billing address and the address in the listing are two different things. The address that appears in your listing will always be adjusted in your My OMNI Finder listing.

My listing cannot be saved at all. The page loads forever and when it is finished, the changes are not applied. This can have two reasons:
1. A few listings (also only profiles imported at that time) are affected by a “translation problem”. Our support team has a simple solution for this.
2. You upload photos with more than 1 MB, which is too much for the system. The ideal size for a picture is about 350 KB. If your photo file is larger, you can easily compress it online, without visible loss of quality; for example at So make sure that your photo is always smaller than 1MB, so that everything saves well and afterwards also loads your entry quickly (too large images increase the loading time for your listing).

4. Photos

I have a cover picture with text and it shows only a part of the text.
Text on cover pictures is only rarely readable on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile phone) due to the different representations. Use a picture that is as neutral as possible (absolutely in landscape format). Pictures with people in large format are also usually less or not at all optimal as title pictures, since they are only displayed cut off on certain devices.

My title picture has a white background but appears in my entry quite gray.
The system automatically darkens all background images so that the white font on them is easy to read. White writing on a white background would not work well.

5. For OMNI instructors

I am an instructor. What is different?
Instructors will be activated by us. After the assignment, you will see in “My OMNI Finder Listing” an additional option for instructors. The procedure for creating the listing remains the same, except for some new fields.

6. Support Ticket

Where can I get support for all questions not listed here?
Please send your support request here.