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Antonio S.
Antonio S.,

I had several sessions with Mr. Mattiussi, what I wanted to achieve was to relax my muscles to get rid of some tics. His sessions were really helpful and so were his precious suggestions. I found in Fabio a friend, reliable and most of all an excellent professional. Thanks Fabio

Michela Nappi
Michela Nappi,

I met with Fabio as a personal tutor for a relaxation session. Very professional, very attentive in our dialog and the therapy was very relaxing. After the first and only session, my sleep improved and in my case (I suffer from panic attacks) it was indispensable to complete a radiologic magnetic resonance test where the machine I had to get in was really intimidating to me. I recommend him for his sweet and active listening skills. He\'s the best. Excellent. Thanks Fabio On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 1:59 AM

Belén D.
Belén D.,

I was leaving a very stressful situation because of work and it converted into an extreme pain in my jaw. Before the session that I had with Fabio I had an acute pain in the mandibular region that worsened at night. The pain was so strong that I couldn’t sleep at night (the pain even woke me up) nor have a lot of activity. After the session, the pain completely disappeared along with a feeling of peace. I was able to sleep well again. The thing that I value the most was the amazing result I achieved after just such a short time. Fabio has a special skill to actively listen, understand the situation and patiently personalize your session to solve the problem.


I was going through a difficult personal time in my life, trying to deal with a lot of upcoming heartbreaking events and I was feeling overwhelmed and devastated. After having a session I could already see the progress as I could not deal before with even simple tasks. These sessions have calm down my anxiety, helped me think clearly and deal with the problems I was facing successfully. I love that I could watch the sessions after and that he gave me advices for relaxation and concentration.

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