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I had only one hypnosis session with Ayla for self-confidence improvement and it was an absolute turning point in my life! Not only we had a session but she also taught me how to do a self-hypnosis on my own terms. The session was great! Therapeutic collaboration with me was very soothing, Ayla was very emphatic, non-judgmental and very professional. Before the meeting, we had a conversation and I wrote to her what I expect from the therapy. During the session instead of going deeper, I felt I am going higher and Ayla had to manage the unplanned situation here and now. She did it very well. It shows how professional and skillful she is. She created such a safe atmosphere in the therapy that I had no choice but to open up since the first minutes we met and that was very helpful. I felt safe to go very deep into my subconscious mind. We came to the point where my low self-esteem issue started. I had an opportunity to forgive and let go of the people who hurt me in the past and even though it was a hypnotic trance It felt so real that in waking life I have no resentment or grudges to them anymore. During the session I understood that I have a very negative inner voice about myself that pulls me down in real-life situations and Ayla with specific methods made my inner voice an opposite - encouraging, supporting, motivating voice. I say no longer harmful words about myself, I am paying attention to the inner monologues I have and they are very much cheering me up! Also during the session, Ayla helped me to draw a picture of my perfect future. It felt so real that I am projecting it in my mind every day and wait for that to come. I feel that it must come and I am very excited about my future. Overall I can say that I have never felt happier in my life! I feel happy and at ease every day. I feel confident about my future, I am confident looking for a new job, I feel definitely more confident going to new places, confident expressing my feelings and needs and saying my opinion. I can not even believe that my self-confidence improved so much! I was always as I remember scared to talk in public, afraid of judgments and critic and now I feel that I do me and I do not care what others think about me. I started to work with network marketing and even created a group in Facebook where I am talking about organic products. I get a lot of encouragement, people support me and it gives me even more confidence! Unbelievable! I thought that I could never do it but I do and the more videos I create the more confidence I gain. So the session was amazing, it helped me tremendously, I even started to feel that I am very beautiful! And it improved my relationship with my partner because I was often too shy, feeling not attractive, not good enough for him. My life has definitely changed after only one session, so what great results await if I book a hypnosis session with Ayla again! She did an amazing job and I will never say thanks enough to her for how good I feel. I absolutely recommend this specialist to everyone!

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