An Option for You?

You are interested in using hypnosis / hypnotherapy to resolve a problem and are looking for a competent hypnotherapist in your area? You are having problems finding out if somebody is really well trained? The offers in the internet can sometimes be overwhelming.

Well, that is why we have created the OMNI-Finder.

Where can I find a competent Hypnotist in my area?

Your search has come to an end, as you have found your way to the OMNI-Finder. The OMNI-Finder is a global platform for OMNI trained hypnotists and the people who are in search of them. Here you will only find OMNI trained hypnotists who successfully finished the program. OMNI hypnotists know how to apply hypnosis in a correct, safe and result oriented manner. We are client centered and work on the highest professional standards available today. Ask for the OMNI way of doing hypnosis/hypnotherapy!

On the OMNI-Finder you find specially trained OMNI Hypnotherapist all around the world – Hypnotherapy according to OMNI has been developed over many decades and are considered to be the most efficient hypnosis methods on the market on how to help people with their individual issues and challenges. An OMNI hypnotist can be measured by how fast he helps people – on average it should not take longer than 3 sessions to solve a problem. We OMNIs are known for our efficiency and short term approaches. Long term approaches are not really our thing and we want to be measured in how fast we have been able to help and not in how many sessions we were to sell to our clients.

Hypnotherapy is an efficient, gentle and lasting method on how to help people with psychological and physical challenges, using the vast resources. of their own mind.
The applications are almost limitless and have been proven scientifically over and over again. Our subconscious mind is responsible for 90 – 95% of who, what and how we are, feel, think, act and this is exactly where hypnosis works best – in the subconscious mind. OMNIs understand how the subconscious mind really works and how problems can develop – but also, on how to eliminate them.

Now you can search for your OMNI hypnotist near you and get professional help, supporting you on a healthier mind and body. Find your OMNI near you.